Digital Humanities Roundtable: Automatically Detecting and Analyzing Literary Allusions and Direct Speech in Ancient Literature

by Shutz Lecture Series

Academic FSE Elective (Spring)

Thu, Feb 29, 2024

4 PM – 5:30 PM CST (GMT-6)

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Panelists will discuss their work creating the databases and systems to detect literary allusions and direct speech in Ancient Greek and Roman Literature. Dr. Coffee will discuss the Tesserae Project, which he founded in 2008 as an effort to trace intertextuality and allusion in literary texts using computational means. Dr. Forstall and Dr. Verhelst will discuss the DICES project, an international research collaboration for the study of direct speeches in Greek and Latin epic poetry from Homer to Late Antiquity. The heart of the project is an effort to construct a comprehensive, authoritative database of direct speech in Greek and Latin epic. In addition to their specific projects, panelists will discuss how their general approaches can be modified and applied to works of literature written in English.

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