UMKC Taste of Home

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Food brings families together. Share your Taste of Home with our Roo Family!

Now more than ever, we're flocking to our kitchens to enjoy the simple comforts of cooking. Whether you are a foodie influencer, or just want to showcase a favorite quick and easy meal, share your talents with us, as we build our #UMKCTasteofHome Cookbook.

We are looking for those "signature" family recipes--the ones that families make again and again. The recipes that UMKC families make when their student comes home. Those must-try dishes that have been in your family for generations, or your kitchen hacks that have become your favorite go-to family meals during these past few months.

Select recipes will be featured in the #UMKCTasteofHome Cookbook, sponsored by UMKC Parent and Family Programs and Avanzando.

Thank you for sharing your taste of home with our Roo family.
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